Cthulhus & Their Adventures!

Tiny Cthulhus rule!

That said, I'd better explain to you just what the Tiny Cthulhus are, and how they came to dwell with me.... I saw a pattern, a brilliant, grand pattern, on the web. Yes, I'll share it with you. Because, really, you must see the Cthulhu Cousins. I thought, okay, fine, I can do this.

Oh, yeah. I did one. In shimmery white, with lovely green eyes. His name is Chillthulhu. Then, I did another one, in sooty black, with a copper-thread accent in his wings, and smoldery orange coal-eyes. His name, of course, is Coalthulhu. Tired of waiting for their sib Mr. Thulhu to be finished, they took an adventure this afternoon, the last day of the year 2008.... Wander with them, as they meet The Great Outdoors for the very first time!

First thing y'need to know about cthulhus: They're a handful! Here, Chillthulhu and Coalthulhu lurk in the festive wreath outside my front door, ready to pounce on unsuspecting visitors.     
     They goggled in amazement at the turtle-based Gazing Ball. Then they realized I was taking their peekchur, and they scattered.
By far the more intrepid of the pair, Coalthulhu quickly scaled a tiny cedar tree. Note the shine of his coppery accents!     
     After all their scattering, they were quite tired, and caught a rest on the old concrete pagoda. Aren't they cute?
Then, it's back home! You can barely see the tops of their wee cthulhu heads in the first photo!     
     An aerial view of the west end of a pair of eastbound cthulhus! Safety and warmth beckons, and into the house we go!

Amazing! Even more adventures! Today, 3 January 2009, the Cthulhus went for a bit of a stroll. Unbelievably high temperatures drew them outdoors again....
     Ah, the Great Outdoors! How we love it!
Egad! What's that in the distance?     
     It's our long-awaited sibling, Mr. Thulhu!
Mr. Thulhu, late of the Starship Enterprise, allowed me to lift him, so you can see his natty uniform....     
     Hm. Is it really a reunion if we've never actually met before...? Philosophy is best discussed indoors, in our not-at-all humble opinion!

So, back inside they went, to show Mr. Thulhu his new quarters, and plan another outing. Although, I must say, Chillthulhu was a little disappointed that Mr. Thulhu didn't bring a tricorder with him.... Which makes me a bit nervous....

The cthulhus want to visit a few local landmarks, and maybe even travel farther afield. I suppose I'll oblige them. A good creator knows when to encourage her creations, after all....

Last updated: 3 January 2009. Copyright 2008-2009.