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News flash! The members of the Petite Crab Colony invite you to view their little web page. Also, the Colonists have joined the Hermit Crab Association. Click the icon for more info!

My newest project: eating local to reduce carbon emissions. This idea, along with many other simple actions, are detailed at:

Carbon Conscious Consumer

Well, time sure has passed. Gave up the Meyer Fitness membership when they raised their rates; now I just make do with old-fashioned calisthenics and stuff. Still playing Neopets, though my original accounts got frozen and I've restarted. {shrug} Such is life. Still mucking about in the yard, still making jewelry, yatta yatta. On Facebook now too....

If you want to get some idea what my work looks like, you can visit With A Twist Creations to see some of the jewelry I've got for sale, as well as some crocheted items. I promise there's a huge site revamp coming soon over there, with proper pictures and everything....

Places you can go

Meet my new close personal friend!

adopt your own virtual pet!

I got him through my pal Lori's blog. She's got a dog named KittyKitty. That's like naming a Burmese python "Fluffy." Oh, wait. I've done that....

I found out that I have to have's express permission to post the first chapter of my novel online. So, if you want to read it, email me and I'll send it to ya as an attached file. The book's already available through -- go to their heading "General Fiction" and do an author search for "Clara Gunn."

My upcoming personal appearances: Nothing specific in the works. The only scheduled events are the first and third Mondays of each month, for the Ozarks Area Crochet Group. Anyway, if you'd like me to come sign books, or participate in some, uh, alternative-culture social activity, or something, I'm sure you can find my email addy someplace....

See you soon,


31 March 2010

In case you simply cannot wait to correspond with me, here's a list of possible topics:

Sir Derek Jacobi

Alan Rickman

Jimmy Buffett and a whole slew of related artists, including Todd Snider, Jim Hoehn, Kevin Mulvenna, and more

Jewelry making


The mystery novels of Elizabeth Peters, Elizabeth George, and Martha Grimes; science fiction and fantasy of almost every type; lgb history and literature; natural history (though I've fallen behind in this area, I'll admit it); British history

Cross stitch and crochet



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