Debbie constantly hinted that she wanted to be tied up and whipped for a week. She complained that her boyfriend wasn't much as a top, and she clearly despised him for it. Clara got tired of hearing the song. One afternoon, over coffee at Barnes and Noble, she said, "Look, I've never topped, okay? But I guess I could try."

"Would you?" Debbie was so eager. Doubtless looking forward to having to top Clara, just to return the favor, of course. They set up a time to meet at Debbie's house. Clara told her to have all her toys out, on her dresser or a table, but not on the bed.

Saturday came. Debbie's parents were taking her little sister to Branson, so the house would be empty. Clara arrived on the dot of ten a.m., as promised. Upstairs. First things first, she thought. "Take off your clothes." She didn't bother watching Debbie undress. She turned her attention to the array of vibrators, fuzzy cuffs, and leather items on Debbie's dresser.

"Aren't you going to undress?"

Clara glanced at her. Debbie's eyes widened, but she said nothing. Off to a good start, Clara thought. She took up a pair of cuffs. "Lay down. On your back."

Debbie lay down, spreading her arms out. She clearly assumed she'd be arm-shackled, one to each bed post. Clara clicked a cuff on her right wrist, then pulled it to the center rod of the brass headboard. "Left." She looped the chain of the cuffs behind the rod, then fastened Debbie's left hand. Don't let her rely on the familiar. Make this as unexpected as possible. Easily done. Debbie and Dax had apparently used the classic forms, girl on her belly, spread-eagled on the bed, getting her ass tanned.

Things would be a little different this time.

"Spread your legs, and keep them open." She noted the slight shiver as Debbie complied. From the toys, she selected a moderate-size dick-shaped vibe. She stared down at Debbie for a moment, to heighten the suspense. Then she casually pushed it into Debbie's vagina, fairly deep. "Close your legs." She worked a hand between the thighs to push it a little farther in. The second set of cuffs connected Debbie's ankles to the center rod of the footboard. "Turn over."

It was awkward, but Debbie managed it. Clara took a marginally more slender dick from the table, and lubed it. Left hand to hold Debbie's cheeks apart, right hand to insert the vibrator.


Clara stopped. "I'll tell you this one time. I'll do it, but we'll do it my way. If you can't agree to that, I'll unfasten you now and leave."


Next lesson. If you want to play, you gotta play by the rules. Clara pressed her fingernails deeply into the tender flesh of Debbie's cheek, near her anus. "If I really were a top, I wouldn't let you get away with that attitude, would I?"


Another press. Debbie squirmed very slightly. She didn't speak. Debbie had to figure out what she was after. Didn't take long.

"No, ma'am."

"Do you agree?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Clara pushed the vibe deep. While Debbie had a chance to stew on it, she wandered back to the dresser. Made noises, though she'd already decided which whip to use. "If either vibrator starts to come out, tell me." Nothing more. She waited.

"Yes, ma'am."

No warning. Dax would have trailed the cat along Debbie's back or thighs, subconsciously warning her of the first stroke. The only warning she'd get from Clara was the whistle of the thongs moving through the air. As the leather impacted her thighs, Debbie gave a tiny shriek. Then Clara drew the thongs along her, from heel to neck. Debbie shivered again. The second blow fell on her feet.

She tried to keep the targets widely spaced, and without pattern. She saw the anal vibe sliding out, and knew that Debbie wouldn't tell her. When it popped onto the backs of Debbie's thighs, Clara set the cat down. Unfastened the ankles first, then the wrists, leaving the cuffs dangling on the left limbs. She started out the door.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

Clara walked slowly. Debbie would have to figure it out herself. And decide. She was halfway down the stairs when she heard the pleading voice.

"Come back, please, I put it back in, see? Come back."

Debbie stood at the top of the stairs, hands fore and aft, holding the vibrators inside her. Clara let her sweat it out, then said, "One more chance, Debra Jane." She followed her into her bedroom. Let her assume her previous position, without help, then refastened the cuffs. Right hand between the thighs, making sure the vibes were deeply embedded. Debbie was soaking.

This time, as the anal vibe slipped, Debbie told her. "It's coming out."

"Which one?"


Clara slid the handle of the cat along the valley of Debbie's thighs, using it to push the vibrator back into place, deep enough to make Debbie whimper softly. She continued her measured strokes until the vibrator slipped again. Debbie duly informed her. Clara gripped the end of the vibe. She slowly fucked Debbie's ass with it for a few minutes. Debbie squirmed. Clara pushed it into her hard. Then she said, "Turn over. Don't lose either one."

Another awkward movement. Debbie first tried to turn clockwise, but in doing so she took up too much slack on the cuffs' chains, and couldn't manage it. Clara stood impassively, waiting. Once Debbie lay on her back, Clara said, "I can unfasten your hands and let you masturbate. Or I can finish you myself." There was only one right answer. Would Debbie get it? Or would Clara be heading down the stairs again?

"You can do it," Debbie said. The cat unexpectedly stung her thighs and pussy. She tried again. "I'll do it, then!" Another stroke. She'd gotten two more before she figured it out. "Whichever you want!" She shivered as the thongs slid along her skin from her toes to her belly.

Clara checked the vibes, giving a push for good measure. "Lift your hips as high as you can. Don't lose either one," Clara said When Debbie had complied, Clara lifted her hips a little higher with her left arm, and shoved a pillow under her with her right hand, forcing her hips to remain thrust up. She straddled Debbie's knees, pressing her legs together tightly.

With her left hand, she pulled Debbie's lips open and up toward her stomach. Index and middle fingers of her right hand came to rest on either side of Debbie's clit. She began to rub.

"Oh, god, oh, god, one's coming out," Debbie moaned.

Good girl, Clara thought. "Which one?"

"Pussy, oh god."

Clara shoved it back in, fucking her a few strokes first. Back to rubbing. Debbie was so wet, and squirming so much, it was a wonder the damned thing stayed put at all. When the frantic warning came again, Clara worked her hand between Debbie's thighs, shoved both vibes hard, and held them in. She used her tongue to finish the job. Debbie was still gasping and moaning when Clara unlocked the ankle cuffs, then the wrist cuffs, and left.

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