The Super-Secret Recipe File: Jo's Nanaimo Bars

This was my all-time fave dessert when I was a kid. Incidentally - Nanaimo is a town on Vancouver Island, and in Japanese, it means "7 potatoes"...

Have fun :)


cup butter     2 cups crushed graham crackers
1 cup coconut      5 tablespoons cocoa
teaspoon vanilla      cup chopped walnuts
5 tablespoons white sugar     1 egg

4 tablespoons butter     2 tablespoons milk
2 cups sifted icing sugar     2 tablespoons custard powder

1 tablespoons butter     2 squares semi-sweet chocolate

 1. From Bottom ingredients, place softened butter, sugar, cocoa, vanilla, and egg in bowl.
 2. Set the bowl in pan of boiling water.
 3. Stir mixture until butter is melted and is the consistency of custard.
 4. Mix the graham crackers and coconut together.
 5. Add the graham cracker mixture to the cocoa mixture.
 6. Pack into an ungreased 9 inch square pan.
 7. From Middle ingredients, cream butter.
 8. Combine milk and custard powder, then add to butter.
 9. Add sifted icing sugar to butter mixture, mix well.
10. Spread butter mixture over bottom mixture in pan and let harden.
11. From Top ingredients, melt squares of semi-sweet chocolate with butter.
12. Spread chocolate mixture evenly over top.

Cut into 1 X 2 squares, and keep in the refrigerator.

As always, if you have a recipe you want to share, Email me!