The Super-Secret Recipe File: Shavon's Date Pudding

I spend wayyyy too much time at farmer's markets. I stumbled upon some banana dates and decided to alter my mom's banana pudding recipe. This is what I came up with. *Warning: this recipe cannot be adapted to be diabetic friendly! The natural sweetness of the dates (15g carb each) makes it impossible!*

1/2-2/3 lb of banana dates (aged a bit--the longer they sit, the more they taste like ripe bananas)       1 box vanilla wafers

Custard Topping:

1 can evaporated milk       1 can of water
1 cup of sugar       1 tablespoon of cornstarch
1 egg       1 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring

Cut the dates in half lengthwise and remove the seeds. Layer the cookies and banana date halves in a 9" pan the way you would a lasagna. Mix the custard topping ingredients together in a separate bowl. Cook it in a double boiler until thick, continually stirring to avoid lumpiness. Pour over the cookies and dates and refrigerate till set.

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