The Super-Secret Recipe File: Bree's splendid summer salad

1 or 2 cans of black beans, rinsed under cold water       1 mango, peeled
1 red bell pepper (or color of your choice)       1 avocado
1 (or two small) juicy tomato       1/2 red onion
Optional: corn, blueberries, one minced jalapeno       A little olive oil (optional)
blue corn chips       juice of one lime or one lemon

A dash of chile powder, cumin, maybe a hint of cinnamon (I used a little Five Spice powder - yummy!) - anything else that strikes your fancy.

Chop up all the fruits/veggies (leave the blueberries whole, of course!) and mix up and serve with corn chips.

The tomatoes don't add a lot of flavor, but they add moisture. It's not supposed to be as juicy as a salsa, but that's how I eat it. (And the recipe goes farther if there are more black beans - more leftovers!)

Quick, easy, cool, refreshing, and quite invigorating. :)

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