The Super-Secret Recipe File

Recipes shared by good friends are treasures. If you have a recipe you want to share, please e-mail me!

Old Friends

      These are the favorite stand-bys, tried and true, wonderful yummy recipes.


      All of these recipes can be prepared quickly, for that lady-on-the-run.

Long Day's Journey into Night

      Have a little extra time? Finally prepping in advance for a special something to eat? Try one of these.

Saucy wenches

      Oh baby, the way you sauce my food...

Gad! Zukes!

      So, the neighbors gotcha, did they? Snuck a bag of zucchini onto your front porch, did they?

Hush, puppy!

      Need to cook for that special animal in your life?

Would I give you something nasty?

      The title tells it all.

Martha Stewart: A classic love-hate relationship

      Another easy-to-recognize category title...

Give it to me, baby!

      Suggestions for low-cost gifts