Welcome to My Other World

Welcome to My Other World

For reasons of my own, my main pages contain very little personal information. In these "secret" pages, you'll have a better chance to meet the real me. I'll note at this point that there is no link from any of the main pages to this page, or any pages linked to this page. I've provided the above link for those who've reached these pages without seeing the main pages, and would like to check them out.

Perhaps the most important factor about the real me is that I am a bisexual woman in a monogamous heterosexual relationship. Although I've explained myself to my husband many times, I have no idea if this has even registered with him. He may feel my bisexuality was a phase, now over. He's wrong, of course. It's part and parcel of who I am. We can have a slightly more in-depth discussion of my sexuality if you're interested.

Another important element of my personality, which you might have gleaned from the main pages if you've visited them: I'm not at all a social person. In fact, I generally feel a solid antipathy toward my fellow human beings. Some of you might scoff, considering I'm baring my soul (after a fashion) to total strangers. Strange but true. Read more about it here.

I'll share with you some of my favorite images as well. Nothing pornographic, so the good people at Tripod won't get all cranky with me. Besides, I don't find blatant porn all that appealing, really.

There may be other things that wander onto these pages in the future. I'm a little surprised with myself, actually, that I'm doing them at all....

UPDATE: 6 January 2000: A friend bumped into this page during a random search of Tripod, looking for my home page. She received something of a shock. And so did I, when she mentioned it to me. Because, believe it or not, I had completely forgotten this page! I'd gotten so busy building the Southwest Missouri Herpetological Society website, I'd forgotten I'd even started this thing! Well, I've renamed it so hopefully it's less likely to turn up in the random-search function, and I'm going to try to get back to it sometime soon.

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