My Way-too-many Neopets

Yes, it's clear, even to me: I'm addicted to Neopets. You'd think a woman in her mid-forties would have a few better things to do, but apparently not. I created a few of them myself, but most of them I adopted. Want to meet my many, many children? Here's how they look on 2 January 2009:

This is my first group ever, under the moniker "fruitshirt"! Quelle surprise!

Then, in their order of creation, my originals:





At this point, I decided I'd had enough of the fruitshirts. Hard to believe but true. Anyway, by now I'd adopted my nephew's group (egunn2005), so I named my next group (egunn2006) after his.

So where, you may ask, did all the other babies come from? From my nieces. The ones who got me into this. Then gradually bailed.... Oh, fine, I'll give Amber the victory on this one: she started having real babies. But Casey and Sarah? *shakes head* Anyway, here are the rest of the family's adoptees:

Casey's law_d17

Amber's babyboough

Sarah's sarahg293

and her gunner235

Now, there's a couple more bunches I've picked up, that once belonged to a friend:

Connie's hmsalva

and her ravenhawthorne

At the moment, this is the full list!

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