Here's my 'Zola. She's a marvel, isn't she? Such a well-behaved baby, too. She didn't once puff or buzz when I took her to the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri for the Second Annual Herp Happening in 2000. She did get so tired of being handled that she went limp, however. That shocked me, I'll tell you! One minute, peachy-keen, the next, drooping like a wet shoelace! Popped her back into her pillowcase and tucked her safely under a chair in the grass to recuperate.

Below is a picture of her in her basket. She sometimes tips it so far, she slides off into her water bowl. I'd think she does it on purpose, but she's always so startled when it happens--spazzing around her house, whipping and buzzing.... This is an old picture, btw. She has a much bigger bowl now.

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