Master Breasts: A few pictures

If you remember, I had ordered this book from Quality Paperback Book Club on the strength of the cover photo, which is the first link below. The QPBC picture was actually about half the size of this clickable. When I received the book, I felt rather cheated, I admit. Nowhere in the catalog blurb did it mention this was modern art, which I dislike generally. I had assumed, based on the cover photo, I was getting historical tits -- my preference! Having let the book -- and my disappointment -- settle, I went back through looking for photos to share with mes belles. Here's a fair sampling, I think. Each link takes you to a larger version with citation and commentary, if I felt like making any.... All photos come from Master Breasts; Objectified, aestheticized, fantasized, eroticized, feminized by photography's most titillating masters... by introduction by Francine Prose, Aperture Foundation, New York, 1998. Aperture is a photography mag, and has a website.