One of the great things on Neopets: the Giant Jelly! Oh, sure, some say that Jelly World doesnít exist, but folks, Iíve been there! Many, many times! Here are the jellies Iíve liberated from the Giant Jelly!

Blueberry Jelly


Carnapepper Jelly


Cheese Jelly


Chocolate Jelly

Dung Jelly


Fire Jelly


Fish Jelly


Frozen Jelly

Glowing Jelly


Lemon Jelly


Lemon Trifle


Lime Jelly

Lime Trifle


Lint Jelly


Mint Jelly


Peanut Butter Jelly

Pear Jelly


Queela Jelly


Robo Jelly


Smelly Jelly

Snotty Jelly


Squished Jelly


Stone Jelly


Strawberry Jelly

Whole Blunella Jelly


Whole Chokato Jelly


Whole Kiwi Jelly


Whole Pinanna Jelly

Whole Purplum Jelly


Whole Thornberry Jelly


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