Albert's Pix

Forgive the image quality. All I have is a fifteen-year-old Minolta autofocus, which is showing signs of failing, lately.


Bert's new outdoor playpen. It's constructed of foot-square grids from a "grid storage system" kit purchased at Sam's Club ($16.97) and cable ties (WalMart, pack of 100, $1.97). It's best point: cheap. Next, it's flexible. I can shape his area. It's lightweight, so I can take it wherever I want. Bad point: he can clearly see there's a wide world of unconquered land out there.... [sigh] The area in the right side of the photo is exactly what it looks like: a faux pond built of blue tiles, scavenged from a rock-dumping site.

Now, a few walkabout pix, with captions. ; )

"Well, if old Ned Hillary can do it, by Jove, so can I! Niblick! Come here, man! Blast these Sherpas, never around when you need 'em!"

"Niblick! Damnation, I really shouldn't attempt this without a crew, but I simply cannot wait any longer!"

"Ha! Didn't need the blasted Sherpa after all! And look, a whole new land! Jolly good! I say, isn't it time for tea?"

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