Crafty Bifemmers' Page!

Hullo, mes belles! It occurred to me that we could use a little space to display visually things we're working, ideas we've had, etc. So, here it is! Let's fill this sucker up!

To start us off, I have a background to offer:

I crocheted a couple of afghans, to donate to the SWMHS August auction, and scanned them so I could show other people what they look like (hoping to increase the bids!) This one looked so nice, I thought, hey, what the hell, let's make it a bit transparent and try it as a background! The shell pattern is so nicely tight, it fills up the space. I've got a shell-pattern afghan in kinda-bright pastels, which I'm thinking of scanning.... I've also got some lacier crochet work that might make a good background.

If you'd like to donate a scanned image to the Crafty Bifemmers' Background Collection, email it to me! I can always make it transparent for ya!

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