Andrea's Rant: Early Christmas

Well, I got a shock's the 17th of September, and Wal-Mart already has Christmas stuff out. What happened to November, or even late October? That I could handle, but I've already heard "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" twice, and it's still six weeks 'till Halloween! Christmas is way too commercialized these days. I don't even go into a retail store around Christmas. It's such a madhouse, with little kids screaming that they want "a Furby, and I want it NOW!" (note: you might read the rant on 'Kids Today' that I wrote awhile back.) Parents are so frazzled that they'll try ANYTHING to get the little terrors to shut up, and are so eager to get the furby or elmo or whatever that they're worse than the kids with all the pushing, shoving, cursing, and yes, occasionally punching (you know who you are, even if you won't admit it). I just don't understand all the animosity during the time of year when goodwill should abound. Even Santa has a good story behind him, but too many people have forgotten it to tell it to their children, and now kids just think he's a good way to make out like a bandit on Christmas morning.

I guess maybe things were just more simple when I was growing up. People cared more about how they treated each other than how much "stuff" they ended up know what's really sad? I'm only 23 years old...when I was a kid wasn't that long ago.

Maybe we need to stop with the X-mas, and start thinking about what CHRISTmas is really about...not lights, trees, toys, or Santa. Those things make it more fun, yeah, but giving and loving others should be more about what we give from our hearts...not our wallets.

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