Andrea's Rant: Kids Today

You know, sometimes I really have to wonder about people...What actually posesses them to let their snot-nosed little rugrats to run rampant in any setting? I was in a store today, and some little seven-year-old brat decided to inform me that he hated snakes (which was what I happened to be admiring), that they stank and bit. When I tried to gently tell him that snakes were likely to do neither, he rudely informed me that I could go do intimate things to myself, and that I would have to because I was too ugly to have a man do it for me...hmmmm...what do these little bastards watch?

Where were this devilspawn's parents, you ask? Who knows? I never saw them once the whole time I was in the store. If they were smart, they left little Charlie Manson and ran as fast as they could to another state to start over under assumed names, preferably with brand new scars from a vasectomy for him, and a tubal ligation for her. I mean, really, who raises kids like that? This little boy should have been out finding snakes and spiders to scare his "dweeby" little sister with. That's what boys did when I was growing up. What happened in the past decade to let our children change so much? Is it because of Nintendo and Sega, or is it maybe that parents just don't care what their kids see, read, or say like mine did? Man, my dad would have left me with a VERY red backside if I ever spoke to an elder that way, even if the elder was only 15 years older.

Kids are not punished like they were when I was a kid. Belts were just a fact of life if you were disrespectful, rude, or even backtalked your mom. I know a lot of people are against corporal punishment, but "time-outs" just aren't getting it guys...that little brat at the store today proves it, and I see more proof every day. There are kids out there taking guns to school and blowing other kids away because they are teased, or their girlfriend decided that she didn't want to be in a relationship right then. Pardon me, but what the HELL is that about?

Who decided that you have to let a child get away with murder? Who decided that stern words are all you need to raise a child correctly? My little boy told me once that I couldn't make him do anything...he was four at the time, and let me tell you, he didn't get time-out or stern words, he got a whack on the backside and a very clear understanding that I wouldn't take that crap, and he hasn't spoken that way to anyone else since. I refuse to let my child walk all over me, no matter how politically incorrect it makes me.

Raising kids isn't about being a friend to's about teaching them right from wrong, consequeces for actions (both good and bad), and how to be a good person. It's more about being a GOOD parent and teacher, and instilling values that are seriously lacking in today's society.

If you think your kids will actually listen to you without the proper upbringing, you are sadly mistaken. All they'll do is what you've taught them they can, and without the right values, they'll always take the easy way out. I'm no expert, but this stuff isn't brain surgery. We are bringing little monsters into this world, and I for one am not going to take part in it. I don't believe in beatings, but I do believe in punishment to fit the crime, and if my little ones ever stray from the right path, it won't be long before they're back on it, even if it does require a red backside or revocation of privileges...but I can guarantee you, MY kid will never tell anyone to go f*** themseves, at least not while he's got my values.

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