Additional Photos: Month Of Sundays article, January 2012

In January 2012, I decided to write an article for Yahoo Voices (which used to be Associated Content); my theme: I'd visit Sequiota Park, here in Springfield, Missouri, on each of the Sundays in the month. I found that I could only upload 6 of the photos I'd taken. This bites a bit, but I decided to put the rest of the pictures up here, and refer to the page..... As soon as they publish it, I'll put a link to the article on this page as well.

Punk Duck, the one I think is a Crested Duck. Note the funky feather-do on the head.

The bent and cracked grapevine. Inset picture is closer view of the break. Interesting that a plant can take so much abuse and live.

Tree bark. Persimmon? That’s my guess, anyway.

The world of the crevices. In the limestone bluff, and the outcrops around the park, plants cling and thrive. Amazing, really. This is a very closeup shot of one tiny plant, the leaves are about the size of my fingernails, and its neighboring mosses and lichens.

Shadows on the footbridge.

The root-tangle to the north of the cave.

View from the bluff’s shadow out to the sunlit lake area.

The log “bridge” across the creek south of the lake.

View of the creek south of the lake, showing some of the undergrowth.

Ice on the backwater. Still quite a chilly day here in the Ozarks!

A “neat rock” I found. This closeup shows the banding and fossils.

A tiny cairn, built by who knows, for what purpose only Who Knows knows.

“Half timbering”: one rock on one root, a micro cairn?

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